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Welcome to Burg

Health resort on the Kiel Canal

Lying directly beside the Kiel Canal is the delightful health resort of Burg (in Dithmarschen), with its chequered history. It owes its well-deserved nickname "Pearl of the west coast" to two very different natural landscapes: one, the moorland, the other the marshland.


Experience nature around Burg: here every nature-lover can experience nature

The multitude of different types of habitat makes it possible to enjoy interesting impressions and experience of the landscape and interrelationships of ecological systems, and to savour the display of individual natural phenomena.

The central point is the Burg Forestry Museum with its extensive collection. It takes on the function of a forestry information centre, from which visitors are introduced to nature. The 21-metre high observation tower on the 65-metre high Wulffsboom offers magnificent views over woodlands, fields and meadows close to Burg and further away even as far as the mouth of the Elbe, allowing you to observe the tree-cover, bushes and undergrowth in the woodlands.

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