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Dithmarscher Kohltage

(Cabbage Festival)

When the Dithmarscher Cabbage Days are celebrated in September to pay homage to the crunchy field vegetables, the whole of Dithmarschen is literally turned upside down. Welcome to the classic North German autumn festival!


In Dithmarschen it's all about cabbage

More than 90 million heads of cabbage – one for every member of the population – flourish every year in the healthy North Sea climate on over 3,000 hectares of fertile soil in the marshland. This is an extremely good reason to celebrate this culinary speciality in a worthy manner every year.

The Dithmarschen residents welcome visitors from far and wide to the largest uninterrupted cabbage-growing area in Europe.

Cutting the first head of cabbage:

traditional opening of the Dithmarscher Kohltage

The starting pistol is fired for the Dithmarscher Kohltage every year when the first head of cabbage is harvested by the Dithmarschen District president.
Everything that Dithmarschen farmers produce is on show, all that Dithmarschen's kitchen stars can prepare – housewives and hobby chefs alike – is there to be eaten freshly cooked. Cabbage and prawns, grilled white cabbage or coleslaw – top Dithmarschen chefs and their colleagues in rustic country inns conjure up many refined varieties of cabbage dishes.


The dates for the Kohltage for the next few years are:

September 17-22, 2024
September 16-21, 2025 

The ABC of the Kohltage in Dithmarschen

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