The Eider riverscape

Three rivers, one landscape

The 3 rivers, the Eider, the Treene and the Sorge, located in the largest continuous area of marshes in Schleswig-Holstein, seem with their rural environment to have been created for the specific purpose of offering people the opportunity to rest and relax away from the main streams of tourists. As an extensive and open landscape with its moors and wetland meadows, it offers many an endangered animal and plant species a last refuge.


Naturally relaxing

Here you will find a "little piece of paradise" at any time of year. Whether you are on a bike, on horseback or on foot, you will be able to experience delightful, ever changing landscape right up close alternating between moor and woodland, marsh and swampland following well-signposted cycle tracks, bridle paths and hiking trails. You will discover breathtaking views and will be positively mesmerised by the harmony of the landscape.

Enjoy to the full the opportunity to leave all your cares behind. A tip for guests of this riverscape is canoe touring, when you can unhurriedly paddle along and enjoy the landscape and the animal life from the water. There are also many opportunities offered to the hobby angler in the marshland, covering almost 350,000 acres, up to the spawning areas of the upper Treene.

Let the peaceful atmosphere of an undisturbed nature have its effect and recharge your batteries. North German nature and hospitality will welcome you with open arms and a welcoming heart.

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