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A warm welcome to Westerdeichstrich!

Discover the Westerdeichstrich community

First mentioned in a document in 1824, the Westerdeichstrich community on the North Sea is 3 km from Büsum and is a recognised health resort – rural, natural and child-orientated, with 4 kilometres of well-looked-after green promenade by the Wadden Sea National Park tempt you to sunbathe, bathe or walk the mudflats and the wide-open, flat countryside is ideal for magnificent cycling tours.

Our green promenade is divided into a textile and a nudist beach and both parts have a section for dogs, there are also benches, beach baskets, showers and steps down to the water.

Holidaymaking under the sails of a windmill

Beneath the sails of the windmill Margaretha, walking trails and coastal bays in Westerdeichstrich invite you to enjoy the sea air beyond the dyke. 
The old mill imposes its authority on the appearance of the locality and today it even accommodates a restaurant. For over 40 years, life in the village has been hallmarked by tourism on the edge of the North Sea spa resort of Büsum.

The community coat-of-arms include the mill, a mermaid and a spade. The windmill "Margaretha" is the symbol of the 850-strong community, the mermaid is a 1960s symbol for tourism and-the spade alludes to dyke-building and cultivation of the land. The colours gold and green stand for cereal growing and pasture and the blue for water and the North Sea.

The village in front of the dyke 

For hikers and cycling tourists, the community has an attractive network of cycle tracks and hiking trails, many of them following historical routes. Characteristic for Westerdeichstrich are the many baylets and water-holes – these are little pools which have been caused by flooding over the years. Some of them you can walk around on narrow paths; many others may be fished, with a suitable licence. You can obtain the necessary information on this either in the Tourist Information Office or from the local angling club.

How to reach Westerdeichstrich

Take the A 23 to the Heide-West exit, then follow the signposting for Büsum. Shortly before reaching Büsum, turn off to the right to Westerdeichstrich.

More information can be obtained from the  
Tourist Information Westerdeichstrich
Neuenkoog 13
25761 Westerdeichstrich
Tel.: +4834 - 96 22 56
E-mail: info@westerdeichstrich.de