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Welcome to Wesselburen

Popular holiday destination

There are many reasons to visit the popular holiday destination of Wesselburen. It is located exactly where Schleswig-Holstein´s longest river, named Eider, flows into the North Sea. Wesselburen is also called “Hebbeltown” and is only a few kilometres away from the North Sea.

Visit Wesselburen and the surrounding countryside

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Visit the town of Wesselburen. With approximately 3400 inhabitants it’s the heart of the Nordermarsch. The surrounding of Wesselburen consists of 12 places. Have a walk through the historic town centre of Wesselburen and discover hidden, delightful parts of the town centre or visit the Hebbel Museum, which is named after the famous German poet and dramatist Friedrich Hebbel who was born here in 1813. Many of his works such as “Maria Magdalena”, “Judith” or “Die Nibelungen” are performed in several theatres across Germany and Austria. There is also a hiking trail which is named after him. It is called “Hebbel-Rundwanderweg”.

The town of Wesselburen has a relaxed atmosphere and takes you through winding lanes past historic houses and squares. You will find a beautiful baroque church at the oval square in the town centre. There you can just enjoy a few minutes for yourself. The onion dome of the church is visible from afar which is why it is also often used as a point of orientation.

You can also plan a trip to the famous “Eiderspeerwerk“, it is one of Europe’s largest coastal flood barriers. For those who want to see more – why not discover the secrets of the sea on a mudflat hiking tour in the Wadden Sea National Park.

Dithmarschen cabbage from Wesselburen

In the late 1890s, Wesselburen horticulturist Eduard Lass was busy experimenting with the cultivation and commercial production of cabbage. Cabbage from Dithmarschen has been popular ever since and Wesselburen is regarded as the cradle of cabbage cultivation. Discover the historical background and tales around cabbage at the Kohlosseum (wordplay with the German words for cabbage and colosseum) with its cabbage museum, coleslaw workshop and farmers market.

Wesselburen tourist information

The tourist information is a great first point of call when it comes to planning the details of your North Sea holiday in Wesselburen and the surrounding countryside. The tourist information is located in the heart of the town right next to the church. We will find the right accommodation for you and also provide you with expert tips, maps and brochures.

Information around the clock:

Outside of the tourist information you will find a self-service terminal where you can get access to information around the clock. This means that you are no longer dependent on the opening hours and can find out more about any of the following topics:

  • accommodation
  • cycling tours
  • getaway destinations
  • events
  • tide schedule
  • weather forecast
  • guided tours
  • cinema guide
  • boat trips
  • bus/train connections

and much more topics of interest.

How to get to “Hebbeltown”

If you are travelling by car take the autobahn A 23 until exit Heide West and continue on federal highway B 203 towards Büsum. A turnoff at the roundabout near Wöhrden in the direction of St. Peter-Ording leads to Wesselburen. You can also use the train which is pretty convenient for commuting between Sylt and Hamburg.


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