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Activity holidays in Dithmarschen

Sporting excursions in the North Sea district of Dithmarschen: whether on the golf course or on or in the water, or inland – this is where to get yourself fit! This is the ideal location to get your circulation in trim and to leave stress far behind you.


Water sports in Dithmarschen

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Surrounded by water, with the North Sea to the west, the Kiel Canal to the east, the Eider in the north and the Elbe estuary in the south, Dithmarschen is perfectly created for plenty of activities in the refreshing water, for example

  • wind-surfing and kite-surfing in Büsum or Meldorf
  • stand-up paddling in Meldorf
  • canoeing on the Eider
  • sailing in Brunsbüttel or Neufeld


Cycling with panoramic views

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In the marsh, Dithmarschen is as "flat as a pancake" and slightly undulating in the "high" moorland. This is why our region is outstandingly suited for good, long cycling tours. There is nothing at all to stop you finding your way on shorter or longer cycle tours on the clearly-signposted 1,100-kilometre network of cycling trails between the North Sea, the Elbe, the Eider and the Kiel Canal. Whether you choose to follow the North Sea coast cycle trail, the Elbe trail, along the Kiel Canal route or to make up your own individual tour through the flat countryside, Dithmarschen offers outstanding opportunities to allow you to cycle your head clear.

Hiking and walking in Dithmarschen

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Dithmarschen lends itself extremely well to exploration on foot. The typically flat terrain is a positive invitation to discovering all about it. Here is a landscape to excite all the senses, a landscape with character. Flat terrain and a 110 kilometre long Nordic walking park present ideal conditions for those hungry for exercise. Gentle movement and healthy, fresh North Sea air really get the heart and circulatory systems into gear. At the same time you will enjoy the seemingly never-ending expanse and formation of the sky. In Dithmarschen's Nordic walking park, certified by the German Skiing Federation (DSV), sport, fitness and come off very well. There are eleven different routes having a total length of 110 km leading along the dykes, through the Speicherkoog conservation area or along the Kiel Canal.

Golfing: active on the greens in Dithmarschen

Here you will find a list of our golf courses:

•    Golf Club Gut Apeldör / Hennstedt
This golf club, which belongs to the Golf Hotel Gut Apeldör in Hennstedt, to the north-west of Heide, is one Germany's top 50 golf courses.

•    Golfclub Büsum 
Unique in Germany: the Büsum Dithmarschen golf course lies directly alongside the North Sea dyke. A challenging natural experience.

•   Golf am Donner Kleve 
Well-kept fairways and greens on sandy subsoil at the edge of the "Donner Kleve" preservation area permit golfing in almost any weather.

Further possibilities for an active holiday in Dithmarschen

Bowling – north German style
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Gliders and light aircraft
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Cycle rail trolley
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Bowling – north German style – popular sport on the west coast

"Bowling – north German style" – that's what we know as "Bosseln". It's a sport in which a ball has to be thrown over a given course in as few throws as possible, and is played in various parts of Europe – here in Germany, mainly in the north. You can try out this new form of bowls when you're here on holiday with us.

Inline skating in front of and behind the dyke

The dyke does more than merely invite you to beach parties – lots of activities are possible here. How about flying a kite, or inline skating?

To the delight of all inline skating fans, access to the dyke for the emergency services has to rely on well-maintained access roads. If the worst comes to the worst, speed is of the essence. Skaters too get their money's worth, as the asphalt is generally smooth and above all free from potholes and other damage.

In the Meldorf Speicherkoog there are even several kilometres where cars are prohibited and these can thus be enjoyed without any disturbance. And the dyke offers protection from the wind. That assumes that you're on the landward side when the wind is blowing from the west ...

Gliders and light aircraft

In Dithmarschen there are two airfields from which you can take a sightseeing flight over your holiday region of Dithmarschen:

Model flying for pilots and spectators on Speicherkoog

The laws of physics apply everywhere, whether on a jumbo jet or on a model aircraft. Both of them, if correctly constructed and started, will fly. On the model flying airfield owned by the Dithmarschen  Model Flying Club on Speicherkoog, everyone can admire these little technical marvels live and in full colour. It's not nearly as noisy as in the vicinity of an airport and it's also far less regimented.

Permission for the model pilots to fly the buzzing miniature aircraft in the immediate vicinity of such a significant nature conservation area was only granted in 2005 and this is why members are most careful to comply with conservation rules. Anyone can come along and be amazed; visitors intending to fly must first undergo detailed instruction. If you are Interested, please get in touch with the club chairman, Bernd Wilke, tel.: +49 (0)4830/901377, or his deputy Christian Hintz, tel.: +49 (0)4851/654452.

Out of consideration for the world of birds, major events are not staged but at weekends, whenever the weather is suitable for flying, there will always be something happening. Take a trip out to their model flying airfield and have a look!

Cycle rail trolley

From May to October you have the opportunity to explore the magnificent landscape between St. Michaelisdonn and Marne on a 10-km-long former railway line – the Marsh line – on a cycle rail trolley.
The Marsh line trolley: www.marschenbahn-draisine.de

Seqway, quad, slingshot

Planned or individual tours with a segway, on a quad or with the slingshot three-wheeler can be arranged in Lohe-Rickelshof, near Heide: Action Factory

More information on possible activities for children and grown-ups can also be obtained from our Tourist Information Offices on the spot.